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Welcome to the Ottawa Floorball League Spring Season (April to June)

Boys and Girls Divisions

Floorball is a worldwide sports phenomenon! This fast paced highly skilled game is even on track to becoming a recognized Olympic sport for the 2024 Olympics. 

Floorball is one of the best hockey development sports around, with a focus on stick-handling and eye-hand coordination as well as fitness and endurance training. This non-contact sport focuses all on skill and speed which allows kids of all ages and sizes to have fun in a safe, yet fast-paced environment.  

Marian Hossa, Marian Gaborik, Daniel Alfredsson, Henrik Sedin, Mats Sundin, Daniel Sedin, Peter Forsberg and Teemu Selanne are a small list of many players who grew up playing Floorball as kids, and for which many of them still play Floorball today in the off-season. 

In Sweden alone, there are over 125,000 registered Floorball players playing in the Swedish Floorball Federation, this number does not include the non-registered players! That's double the amount of people playing Floorball than hockey in Sweden as only 64,000 hockey players are registered with the Swedish Ice-Hockey Federation!