OFL Game Play Rules

The Ottawa Floorball League Rules


Season Play:

  • Games will consist of two (2), twenty-five (25) minute periods, with a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute break between periods.
  • Goals are scored when a player shoots a ball into the net. The team with the most goals at the end of a game will be declared the winner, and will receive 2 points. Tied games at the end of regulation play will remain tied, and each team will be awarded 1 point (except in playoffs where a 5 min. sudden death period will be played, followed by a sudden death shootout should the score remain tied).
  • All teams will qualify for the playoffs where they will be seeded in brackets with the highest regular season points ranking team playing the lowest ranking team (and so and so forth). Each round will consist of one (1) elimination game where the winners will be proceed to the next round of play until there is a league champion.  


Game Play:

  • Floorball is a non-contact skill based sport with an emphasis on team play and stickhandling. As a result there is no stick or body-contact allowed in game play. Note that some incidental shoulder-to-shoulder contact is acceptable.
  • Stick contact with ball can only occur at/or below the knees.
  • Opponents must try and obtain the ball cleanly without any stick infractions.
  • Floorball players can have a maximum of three points of contact on the floor when playing the ball. (ex: Left foot, Right knee, Right toe) 
  • Floorball players are not aloud to play the ball while they are on the ground.
  • In Floorball the boards are approximately 2 feet tall. Because there are no boards in OFL league play, it's at the referees discretion as to whether or not a ball has been shot out of play. (i.e. how high the ball was against the wall). The team that had last possession prior to the ball going out of bounds loses possession, and it now becomes the opposing teams ball  wherever the ball left the court (Free Hit).
  • Face-offs: Like hockey there is a face-off to start the game and after every goal or whenever the referee believes there is justified reason to have one (i.e. a srum in the corner where no possession can be determined). Face-offs take place at centre court after a goal or in any corner or half wall of the court if there was a minor infraction. To face-off; players simply line-up across from one another with their blades parallel to one another. The ball is placed between the two stick and once the referee blows his whistle the players try to win the face-off by drawing the ball back using the toe of their sticks.



  • Each team will rotate 1 player in nets after each period. With teams of 6-8 players, this means that each player will play in nets 2-3 times out of the 20 periods they will play (2 periods per game).
  • Goalies play on their knees and are aloud to step out of the crease to play the ball with their feet. Goalies can only pick up the ball when they have at least one limb remaining in their crease. Once they have possession they have three seconds to play the ball.  
  • No goalie interference or play in the crease, must give three meters of space when the goalie has possession.
  • Once a goalie has made a save and has possession of the ball he/she can throw the ball to a teammate, the rule being the ball has to bounce at least once before the half was point on the court, or it becomes the other teams free hit.

Infractions: Minor

Minor infractions will result in a "Free Hit"

Free Hits: Free hits occur when a team incurs any of the minor infractions listed below. The team that has made the infraction loses possession of the ball and the opposing team takes possession wherever the infraction has occurred. Note that the player doesn't have to wait for the referee to blow his/her whistle to begin play after an infraction (unless told otherwise by the referee). The player is able to put the ball back into play immediately. In order to put the ball back into play, the player simply steps on the ball to settle it and then has three seconds to play the ball to a teammate or shoot on net depending on where the infraction has occurred. The team defending must be three meters from the ball when being played If a player is less than three meters away from the ball and is hit off the free hit it, it now becomes an automatic penalty shot. Once three meters away players are allowed to make a wall to block the pass or shot so long as there are only three points of connection with the court(i.e. left foot, right knee, and right toe) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ7z1kZHBgA


The following plays are considered minor infractions:

    • A player raises their stick above their waist at all times.
    • A player lifts the stick of an opponent to get the ball.
    • A player goes through the legs of an opponent to retrieve the ball.
    • A player slashes an opponent's stick.
    • A player uses their hands to play the ball (besides the goalie) at any point in the game.
    • A player makes contact with the ball using their head.
    • A player plays the ball while they are on the ground.
    • A player plays the ball when both their feet have left the floor (i.e. jumping).
    • A player interferes with the opposing teams goalie.


Infractions: Major

Major infractions will result in either a Penalty Shot and/or 5 min. suspension from game play and/or suspension for the remainder of the game and/or suspension from the league.

The following plays are considered major infractions:

  • Body Contact
  • Fighting
  • Disrespectful language and/or gestures to officials and/or other players
Penalty shots: In Floorball when given a penalty shot the player must be sure to have the ball constantly progressing in forward motion. If the player pulls the ball back or makes the ball move backwards in the slightest motion the goal scored will immediately be disallowed.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd1ithkeSjM


    Most importantly have FUN!
    Don't be afraid to ask questions to the referees if you are uncertain about a rule.

    Sample Game Play: (Professional Swedish Super League)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96Mcd0Ld_g8